Special interest

Ayuruweda/ spa

Being a country with a rich heritage, sri Lanka has its own indigenous medicine system. It is something that has been passed down thought generations. Begin the world’s oldest surviving complete medical system, Ayuruweda treatments include healing methods and medicines that can cure numerous illnesses with a minimal or no amount of side effects. In fact, it is not merely healthcare system but also a lifestyle.

Fishing Deep sea / River

One can enjoy deep sea fishing and game fishing operating in the west coast of sri Lanka. The island is appreciated for its diverse marine life and pristine ocean. these fishing trips start from Negombo harbor. You are bound species such as Trevally. Jackfish, barracuda, kingfish, seer fish, Spanish Mackerel, Indian Mackerel, swordfish and so much more. During a roll in the area, one is bound witness schools of dolphins.


With three of the world’s finest 18-hole golf courses in Asia, Sri Lanka is an excellent destination for golfers. Infect, the sri Lanka amateur golf championship is one of the oldest National Championships in the world. The three courses located in Colombo,  Nuwara Eliya and Digana respectively have diverse climate condition and terrain. Thereby offering different level of collages for golfs.

Sea plane & Helicopter Ride

Sea planes:

letting you experience the island’s length and breadth, sea plane ride is suitable for small families and solo travels. These highly comfortable sea plane offer glimpses of various local lakes and water ways.


A helicopter ride over the enchanting landscape of sri lanka offer an exceptional perspective of its many attractions. This allows you to reach any destination in the island in less than an hour. A very coast – effective way of traveling among various locations helicopters journeys are known for being exhilarating with an array of commercial helicopter, we make this experience a convenient one for you.



Renowned over the world, the precious and semi – precious gem stones of sri lanka  including stunning Blue Sapphires,  Alexandrites, cat’s Eyes, Red Rubiens,  Gaments, Tourmalines and much more. It is the town of Ratnapura that has long been a treasure trove of these magical gems. With a jeweler industry that dates back to olden times. Sri Lanka offer these authentic gems for purchase in outlets across Colombo.


  The rich heritage of sri lanka is not only reflected in its sites but also in its stunning jewellery.  Be it modern accessories or vintage pieces, a diverse array of jewellery can be found in outlets across the island. Those with a penchant for exotic designs will be pleased with what they find.

Handloom Products / Bathik

 The cushions, table liner, clothing and upholstery fabrics made in local villages are popular for their vibrant colors and unique texture. An excellent addition to any home, these fabrics can be purchased at renowned outlets such as Barefoot Gallery in addition to selling in  kurunagala


One of the many traditional clothing items in sri lanka is the sari made from either cotton or silk. Typically created from a colorful fabric, they come in various type  to be suitable for formal events and casual  occasions, shops in Colombo offer some of the best saris one could find in sri lanka. You can purchase beautiful handloom  sarongs and saris  some shops.

Herbal / spices

Being the world’s second largest cinnamon exporter, sri lanka grows many herbals and spices in its south coast.  These can be easily purchased from plantations located in koggala and mirissa. Condiments and aromatic spices such as saffron, chili powder, mixed curry powder and cinnamon can be purchased from local grocery stores.

Ceylon Tea

Renowned the world over for its excellent quality. Ceylon Tea comes in an enticing variety of blends. Specialist tea centers such as Tea Research institute in Talawakale and Bogawantalawa Tea Estates in Dickoya, ensure the authenticity and delicious flavor Ceylon Tea is known for.

Traditional Art / Crafts

Manufactured in various parts of the island, traditional arts & crafts have designs passed down through generations over the years. The best of these crafts can be purchased from some of the local villages where you can even observe how they are created. If it is a hassle to travel to these villages you can visit government run laksala outlets in kandy and Colombo.


With a fusion of Asian and European influences. The antiques in sri lanka reflect the country’s rich heritage. There are several outlets offering antique colonial period ornaments and furniture as well as pottery and Moorish porcelain. Galle Fort and Ambalangoda are famous for their antiques.