About Us

We work hard to provide you the best Holiday Experience in Sri Lanka........

When DOOZY TRIP was once first founded in 2012, the main aim of the founder Rajitha Rathnayaka, used to be to provide satisfactory travel services to every traveler. Due to the fact that, then organization persisted to develop its operations and diversify its pursuits to emerge as some of the leaders in the industry.

DOOZY TRIP specialize in wildlife safaris and adventure Eco tours and prepare mainly designed rail tours. Our goal is to provide flexibility and enjoyment of impartial journey with a personalized contact, may just it be for a single character or a colossal specialist crew. We’re well equipped with a giant fleet of comprehensively insured automobiles starting from saloon cars to 4wd luxury jeeps together with an first-class team of well skilled, expert chauffeur publications.

Our company is on the forefront of continually introducing new suggestions and improvements, making it one of the most famous and revered travel houses within the region. Among our many new additions are scholar journey applications, rail programs as well

Our founding precept of heat and welcoming provider continue to motivate employees, and entice and maintain shoppers and companions. Simultaneously, our strong concepts and quality practices make it a truly dynamic organization. Something you need, that you can be sure that we goes that extra mile to support make your experience a grand expertise.

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